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0 Bow String

Bow String

longbowSecond only to the bow in importance is the bow string. The diameter is limited to the width of the arrow nock and a good bow string must maintain a constant length under repeated stress and in changing weather conditions. The string is subjected to unusually hard wear at the arrow nocking point and at the ...

0 How to Choose Your First Bow and Arrow

How to Choose Your First Bow and Arrow

At one time or another, most of us have had a bow. In the majority of cases, we acquired it in one of two ways: either as a present from our parents or we made one the hard way out of any convenient branch of a tree and a piece of string. Equipped with a bow and arrows of a sort, we were on our way. How to shoot was ...

1 Choosing the Right Equipment

Choosing the Right Equipment

Just like in anything else that is out there, having the best archery equipment is what most, if not everyone wants to have.  You want the best because you feel it will make a difference in how you do and will give you the best results, and this is usually the case. Having the best archery equipment depends on your ...

1 Bow Shooting Techniques

Bow Shooting Techniques

Learning and using proper shooting techniques is very essential to become a successful archer. If proper shooting techniques are employed, then the precision of the archer will improve to a great extent. For better accuracy, appropriate shooting accessories are required to keep the archer comfortable. Basic ...

0 Organizing an Archery Club

Organizing an Archery Club

The formation of an archery club stems from a natural desire for the companionship of others who enjoy the sport of archery. The associations and friendships formed, the opportunities for exchanging ideas on shooting technique and tackle, sharing the expense of property used in common, are a few of the benefits ...

0 How to Take Care of Your Bow

How to Take Care of Your Bow

As an archer your bow will always remain one your most precious possessions. Learning to look after your bow will make it last much longer. Here are some tips to help you take care of your bow.Looking after the bowNever lay your bow on the floor or ground. Dust and other material can damage the bow. If you ... Protection Status

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