Best Headlamp for Hunting

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Hunters all over the world know one thing. Well, the truth is we know several things, so let me rephrase that.

Hunters all across the world know that the single most important thing you can be on a hunting trip is prepared. Try going on a trip without the ammo capacity you need to get back home with that elk you set out to get.

Now imagine stalking that same elk all day and into the evening, finally finding him, and meticulously setting yourself up to take that perfect shot.

THUNK…. You’ve fired your shot, and it’s a deadly one. The elk runs about 40 feet or so and falls over. The arrow did its job; you’ve got enough food to feed the neighborhood for the next five barbecues to come. Everything is “A” okay now right?

Well, it would be. But you’ve spent the last six hours tracking your elk, stalking him until you finally were able to finagle your way into a position where you had a high percentage shot. Now it’s dusk, the sun is on its way down, and you were so fixated on getting this elk that there is no telling how many miles you’ve traveled from civilization.

And what’s worse, you don’t have a flashlight even to be able to attempt finding your way back. Much less with portions of a 700-pound elk you’ve got to lug back to the site.

This is an example of being ill-prepared, something any hunter worth his salt will never be. Every good hunter has a flashlight with extra batteries in their rucksack every time they go out. A great hunter though, he has a headlamp with him.


Benefits of a Headlamp

The benefits you get from having a headlamp are clear and unmistakable. You’ve got light for when it’s dark outside. And better still you’ve got a light that you won’t have to hold – after all, we’ve only got two hands, and we’re coming back with elk. There is no way in hell you are bringing back an elk while holding a flashlight in your hand.

Simply put, headlamps are an easy way to get the light source you need without taking up one of your most valuable possessions. Your arms!

It’s like having your own personal – albeit very small and very dim – sun hanging above your head at all times.

We already knew carrying a light source is of the utmost importance during a hunting trip. Now that we have established the best way to do so is by getting a headlamp let’s go over which are the top headlamps for hunting.


Best Headlamp for Hunting – InnoGear 5000 Lumens Headlamp

With a maximum output of 5000 lumens (the measurement of how much light you are getting out of your lamp), you’ll feel like your walking inside of your own personal force field of brightness.

There are four different working modes; high, middle, low, and flashing (pretty straightforward right?) to get you the perfect amount of light for the situation.

The headband itself is completely customizable and will fit any head it rests on (and do it quite comfortably as well).

It’s got a 90° rotating swivel for positioning the light where you need it most and can operate between four to six hours on a full charge. The dimmer the light, the longer the battery lasts.

This light is great for those times you find yourself tracking and cleaning game in the dark. If you spend a lot of time tracking this is unquestionably the headlamp you need to purchase.

Like the InnoGear 5000 Lumens lamp? Click here to get it from Amazon.


Lighting Ever LED Headlamp

Another good option for game hunting is this headlamp from LE. Like the InnoGear, it has four different settings ranging from low to high and a flashing feature.

The light is waterproof with an ip44 rating protecting your gear from water intrusion, and means that you’ll be fine using this in wet or rainy situations.


Downfalls of the LE headlamp

If I had to come up with something I didn’t like about this headlamp it would have to be that it uses “AAA” batteries. Being that we have recently entered 2018, I would expect not to be forced to use regular old disposable batteries. Other than this there isn’t much bad to say about the headlamp.

You can find this headlamp from Lighting Ever from Amazon.


Best Headlamp for Hunting Runner-up – Fenix HP25 Headlamp

This is an awesome headlamp to have with you when you go on your next hunting trip.

With two beam options; cool white and neutral white. Cool white is the mode for those moments you need brighter more in line beams, while neutral is for those times you need a wider angle for larger fields of view.

Like most other lights you’ll find on this list, you have four different brightness levels – low to high of course.

Here’s the thing! You’re only getting about an hour and a half of battery life on a full charge. Granted that is in “turbo” mode, and it is said that you’ll get up to 96 hours of use. The upside… you can charge this via USB meaning if you have a portable charger with you (which you should) you’ll be good to go.

Check out the Fenix HP25 on Amazon.


GRDE Zoomable LED Headlamp

Looking for a bright headlamp with tons of battery time on it? Then you are probably looking for the GRDE. With 1800 lumens of lighting power, this is second only to the InnoGear 5000.

With this, you’ll receive two rechargeable batteries plus the wall charger for them (these are “AA” rechargeables). The lifespan of the bulb is up to 100k hours, and honestly, at the price you pay for this light, I’m not sure there is a better light out there – regarding operation hours.

If you like the GRDE Zoomable LED headlamp, check it out on Amazon.


Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Here is a very good spotlight that you can wear just above your eyes, giving you crystal clear visibility even in the darkest of nights. The power tap technology allows you seamlessly cycle between full lighting power and a dimmer less disruptive level of brightness.

It’s got a low profile design and is light enough that you’ll forget you are even wearing after a few minutes. The three-level power meter lets you know how much remaining battery life you have. Speaking of batteries, it is unfortunate that it uses 3 “AAA” batteries, but at least you get a lot of life out of the batteries.

Check out the Black Diamond low profile spot headlamp on Amazon.

Wrap – Up

There you have it. Five headlamps that’ll give you all the light you need for those times that time itself gets away from you, and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no sunlight to speak of.

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