TenPoint Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Review


Design & Construction






Value for Money


User Satisfaction



  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Includes convenient self-retracting rope cock
  • Redundant safety system: anti-dry fire, auto-safety
  • Moderately priced, great quality & accessories


  • No integrated suppression system
  • Scope isn't illuminated, but still easy to use

Thank you for reading our Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Review and we hope we can help you make an informed decision. The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 won both Winner of the Best Value award from Petersen’s Hunting and Outdoor Life Great Buy award. Priced to fit most budgets, it’s durably built with a high-performance design. This compound crossbow performs well, is easy to draw, and quiet when it shoots. It’s everything you ask for in a crossbow for big game hunting, but is perfect for target shooting as well. In addition, the Invader G3 is the lightest and narrowest, safest and fastest, Wicked Ridge Invader model to date.

TenPoint is a leader among crossbow manufacturers, pioneering many elite crossbow technologies. The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 is worthy of the TenPoint name. With its award winning performance and affordable price tag, its definitely one of the best crossbow values on the market today.


Capable of up to 330 FPS firing velocity, the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 has some serious power if you’re looking for a hunting crossbow and it has plenty of power for target shooting as well. Weighing only 6.6 lbs, it’s also lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to maneuver.

With a power stroke of 13.5” and 96 foot pounds of kinetic energy, there’s not a lot of game you won’t be able to hunt. This translates to about 85-90 foot pounds of energy at realistic hunting ranges, packing enough punch to kill large game.

The Invader G3 has a width of 22.6 uncocked and 19” cocked, so you can maneuver in small spaces well, such as in a chair blind or small hunting blind. The length of this compound crossbow is 37.75”.

Power Stroke 13.5″
Draw Weight
Velocity 330FPS
Weight 6.6lbs
Length 37.75″


The semi-skeletal, cored camo stock reduce weight without compromising strength. In addition, the stock design is 60% stronger than the competitors and it absorbs vibration. Newly designed CNC machined aluminum risers not only reduce weight, but also improve strength as well. The tactical black limbs are powered by the new Energy Wheel; the DynaFLIGHT 97 premium crossbow string and cables have turnable yokes and have the longest life expectancy in the industry.

ACRA-Angle Barrel all but eliminates pinched fingers while ensuring accuracy. The safety-engineered pass-through foregrip keeps the shooter’s hand safely below the release path while allowing a solid forehand grip. The Invader G3 also has over-sized, glass reinforced nylon wings for added safety.

The 3.5 lb T2 trigger that is generally seen on more expensive models lends a crisp release while the ergonomic design ensures you stay on target when releasing the safety. Dry-Fire Inhibitor (DFI) ensures the shooter won’t accidentally fire without an arrow and the auto-safety keeps the safety on until you’re ready to shoot.

Camo design is Mossy Oak Treestand.


The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 has plenty of power and provides quality performance. With it’s 330 FPS and 96 FPKE, it has power to take down game as well as for shredding targets. As it’s reasonably quiet, it still lacks an integrated suppression system; adding suppressors will cut the sound even further.

Cutting the draw weight by 50%, the ACU-52 rope cocking device makes cocking this crossbow a whole lot easier. In addition, it’s also self retracting, which means it’s always where you can find it, on the stock. TenPoint’s Energy Wheel ensures a smooth and easy draw.

The 3x multi-line waterproof scope with duplex crosshairs at 20, 30, and 40 yards ensures accurate shots every time for both the beginner and experienced shooter. Although this quality scope isn’t illuminated, for the moderate pricing of this crossbow package, it’s a small exchange to make.


This crossbow by TenPoint is made for hunting, but is great for shooting targets as well. With the attached, self-retracting rope cock, anyone can shoot this bow, either for fun or for food. It’s lightweight, weighing in a little over six and a half pounds, so it’s not only easy to carry, but it’s easy to manipulate as well.

Integrated swivel studs allow quick installation of a shoulder sling, which would make carrying the Invader G3 even easier.

The moderate pricing make this quality crossbow not only a great buy, but affordable for even the most casual hunter or target shooter. Quiet shooting makes it optimal for either hunting prey or shooting targets and with its accuracy, you won’t have to worry about missing a shot.


The Invader G3 has won an award for Outdoor Life Great Buy. The moderate pricing on this high-performance crossbow coupled with the accessories included in this package make this an offer you can’t refuse. It’s one of the best crossbow values available on the market.

Rated ”Best Value” by Petersen’s Hunting, you’re not only getting a great deal, but a quality bow as well.

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The crossbow comes with the ACU-52 rope cocking device, TenPoint 3x Multi-line scope, Wicked Ridge Instant-Detach 3 Arrow Quiver, and 3 Wicked Ridge 400 grain Carbon Arrows. In addition, this crossbow also allows quick attachment of shoulder sling.

If you are looking for a well-made, quality compound crossbow at a moderately affordable price, this is the bow for you!

What do we like?

What we like about the TenPoint Wicked Ridge Invader G3 is just about everything; it’s so lightweight and easy to manage, but still durable and strong.

We love the self-retracting rope cock; not only does it make it loads easier to cock, but it’s impossible to lose since it’s attached to the stock. We like the T2 trigger as well.

The redundant safety system ensures you won’t accidentally dry fire, breaking a limb or both. This is a favorite feature of ours. The Invader G3 has both a Dry-Fire Inhibitor and auto-safety.

What we like most is the value. This crossbow has won awards acknowledging the fact that this TenPoint crossbow is moderately priced while still maintaining a quality standard of high performance.

What don’t we like?

There’s actually not much we don’t like about this bow. There are very few things we can fuss about, but we’d like to have seen string suppressors on it. While TenPoint offers suppressors to fit the Invader G3, which is predrilled to allow them, it’s not necessarily essential to buy and install them; this bow is considerably quiet.

We would rather have an illuminated scope, but in broad daylight, it’s not needed.

Although this bow doesn’t come with a shoulder sling, it’s ready for a quick attachment of one.

As mentioned before, there’s really not much to not like about the Invader G3, but we do prefer a little faster FPS.

Bottom line?

The bottom line is that the Wicked Ridge TenPoint Invader G3 is a great, quality-made, high-performance bow for a very reasonable price. While it’s lightweight and easy to carry, it’s also durable and comes with some great accessories.

This crossbow has won several great value awards and it has the TenPoint name to back up it’s quality. It’s moderately priced, making it a worthwhile investment for the hunting or shooting enthusiast.

With the awesome self-retracting rope cock mechanism, just about anyone can enjoy shooting this crossbow, whether for hunting game or shooting targets. The 3x multi-line scope ensures accurate shots as well, making sure you don’t miss your shots.

With all the great accessories, this crossbow is a deal too good to pass up. If you’re looking for a moderately priced bow which has above-pricing quality, this is the one for you.

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