TenPoint Turbo Gt Compound Crossbow Package Review


Design & Construction






Value for Money


User Satisfaction



  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Dry-Fire Inhibitor/auto-safety
  • Integrated crank cock or rope cock
  • Above-average speed


  • No integrated sound suppressors
  • Crank cock is loud

Welcome to our TenPoint Turbo Gt Compound Crossbow Package Review. The Turbo Gt is ultra compact and powerful. The Turbo has been a staple in the TenPoint lineup for quite a few years with it’s maneuverability, power, and moderately high price. This bow is not any different. In addition, it was the winner of the 2016 Game & Fish Reader’s Choice Award. Redefining performance, the next generation Turbo Gt is easy to handle, lightweight, and fast. This is a serious crossbow for a serious archer, whether for hunting or target shooting is up to you.

The Turbo Gt Crossbow from TenPoint is the lightest, fastest, most compact Turbo ever with the best handling. It’s ultra compact and powerful, taking marksmanship to a whole new level. You’ll be able to take down any game or shoot any target with this bad boy.


The TenPoint Turbo Gt fires arrows at a scorching speed of 340 FPS, which is slightly above the industry average for fast crossbows. This speed ensures the possibility of accurate longer distance shots. With a power stroke of 12.6” and 106 foot pound of kinetic energy, this crossbow packs a wallop. Game won’t stand a chance against this bow’s power.

Weighing in at a slight 6.5 lbs, this lightweight crossbow can be taken anywhere. It’s also ultra compact, with a length of 35” and width, axel to axel, of 17.5” uncocked, and a mere 13.5” cocked. This means you can take this crossbow where others would never fit and carrying it while you hunt down prey won’t be a problem, either.

With a draw weight of 175 lbs, you’ll most likely want to take advantage of the ACU-draw integrated crank cock that’s included in this particular package. With the Turbo GT, you can choose between the ACU-draw, which is an integrated crank cock; the ACU-draw 50, which is an integrated rope cock, or the traditional rope cock. (Price varies with each.) Which one you choose depends on a personal preference, as well as one made for stature. The crank cock is excellent for younger archers and women or anyone who wants an easier cocking system.

Power Stroke 12.6″
Draw Weight
Velocity 340FPS
Weight 6.5lbs
Length 35″


The Turbo GT has a new, shorter Fusion S adjustable stock, which provides match-rifle stability and has two-position adjustable butt plate to match the shooter’s length of pull. 11.5” The stock, made out of PolyOne OnForce, uses strategically placed cutouts in both the fore-grip and butt stock to reduce weight, improving handling, and balance.

Over the top Zytel limb pocket and suspension system separates the limbs from direct contact with the riser, reducing sound and vibration. IsoTaper limbs are double laminated for added strength, featuring MRX cams system and DynaFLIGHT 75 string and cable system.

ACRA-ANGLE barrel all but eliminates finger pinching, ensuring accuracy when manually drawing the bow. Fore-grip and glass-reinforced safety wings are safety engineered to keep the shooter’s fore-grip arm well below the bowstring release path. The fore-grip cutouts also allow wrapping your thumb and fingers into the grip, giving you better control and handling.

T3 trigger features metal-injected molded (MIM) components for a quite, crisp 3.5 lb pull for increased accuracy. Safety features include auto-engaging safety when cocked and DFI, dry-fire inhibitor, which prevents the crossbow from being shot when it’s not loaded. TIP: trigger guard doesn’t go all the way back, which means you have plenty of room to shoot while wearing heavy gloves, making this bow an optimal winter hunting crossbow.

The Turbo GT also has CNC Machined 7/8” dovetail scope mount.

Crossbow will help keep you hidden with high-quality Mossy Oak Breakup Country camo that won’t fade or peel.


This TenPoint compound crossbow has outstanding performance. At 340 FPS, its arrow speed is above the industry’s average. Packing a powerful punch with 109 FPKE, there’s nothing you can’t hunt with this bow and targets won’t stand a chance.

If you’re already a fan of the Turbo series crossbows, this one is 3 inches shorter, a half pound lighter, and 15 FPS faster than it’s predecessor, the Turbo XLT II, making it the most compact, lightest, fastest crossbow of it’s kind.

This crossbow comes standard with TenPoint’s 3x Pro-View 2 Multi-Line Scope. It has crisp optics, allowing for accurate shots at 20, 30, and 40 yards. If you want to shoot beyond 40 yards, you’ll need a different scope. With the speed of this crossbow, there’s no reason why you can’t shoot further distances accurately. In addition, it uses an illuminated red or green dot ideal for hunting in low light conditions.


This bow is exceptionally versatile. It has three different options for cocking assistance, an integrated crank cock, an integrated rope cock that self-retracts, or a regular rope cock. With this many options, absolutely anyone can use this bow with whatever amount of assistance needed.

With the speed and FPKE this bow has, you’ll have no trouble shooting distance accurately, whether you’re shooting at a deer this hunting season or shooting targets.

The adjustable stock helps in making the crossbow easier to handle by making it fit the shooter’s length of pull. This crossbow is light and versatile enough for young archers, women, and anyone else slight of frame.

Additionally, the TenPoint Turbo Gt is super lightweight and ultra compact, which enables taking it places other crossbows would never fit. You won’t have any problem shooting from tree stands or chair blinds or stalking your prey; this bow is easy to carry, easy to maneuver.

Also comes with ambidextrous side mount quiver bracket, making it even more comfortable for left-hand shooters as well.


The Turbo GT has a moderate-to-high price point, but has features that are worth it. If you want a bow that’s tough, durably made, fast, and compact, this is it! Made by TenPoint, you know it’s a name that equates with well-made products.

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You get most everything you need to get started in this package; many have even claimed this bow shoots accurately without even having to sight it in. Of course, you’ll want to test that theory on your own. Crossbow comes with: TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Scope, Wicked Ridge instant release quiver, 3 Wicked Ridge 20” Ranger carbon crossbow arrows, 3 100-grain field points, and your choice of ACUdraw crank cock, ACUdraw 50 rope cock, or regular rope cock. (Prices vary with choice of cocking mechanism.)

This crossbow is a good value, made with durable parts that are made to last, and quality camo that won’t fade or peel.

What do we like?

We like how lightweight and compact this compound crossbow is; you can take it literally almost anywhere. We like the updated parts for this Turbo model as well.

The arrow speed is fast and it packs plenty of power to take down big game.

The options for cocking assistance is also a big plus on this bow; with the array of options, anyone can cock and shoot this bow accurately and comfortably.

In addition, we love the DFI, or dry-fire inhibitor, that prevents the crossbow from shooting when it’s not loaded and the auto-engaging safety. These prevent accidental shootings that could potentially lead to cracked or broken limbs.

The price is on the moderate/high side, but in our view, this bow is well worth the money. With the TenPoint name, it definitely lives up to it’s reputation.

What don’t we like?

At this price, we’d like to have seen some kind of suppression system, but there is none. If you don’t absolutely have to have the crank cock system, foregoing it’s addition will leave you enough for string suppressors.

There’s really nothing to find that’s not to like about the Turbo GT, but we don’t really like the fact that the scope is only good for up to 40 yards, even with enhanced optics. We prefer a multi-reticle scope with crosshairs that can be used beyond the 40 yard mark. We also don’t like the red/green dot sites, but a lot of hunters use this type of scope; it’s a personal preference thing.

Bottom line?

If you are looking for a tough, compact, lightweight bow with a dependable brand name, the TenPoint Turbo GT is it. It’s accurate and powerful enough for big game hunting as well as target shooting. This bow is great for either or both.

You can get a little lower pricing by choosing different cocking mechanisms, but if you have trouble with 175 lb draw weight, the crank cock will eliminate that problem entirely. Having options is one of the things that makes this bow so versatile.

The Turbo GT is perfect for younger shooters, women, or anyone who may have a condition causing them to not be able to cock a crossbow by hand or even by using the rope cock. Of course, the crank cock is louder, so it would be wise when using it to cock your crossbow before you need to.

The scope is good enough to use, but if you don’t like a red (or green) dot sight, you’ll want a different one, or if you want to shoot beyond 40 yards.

All in all, the Turbo GT from TenPoint is a well-made, durable, fast, ultra compact compound crossbow that is versatile enough for anyone to use. If you’re looking for a crossbow with a moderately high price point that has everything you need, this is it!

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