Centerpoint Sniper 370 Compound Crossbow Review


Design & Construction






Value for Money


User Satisfaction



  • Above average firing velocity
  • Illuminated, multi-reticle scope
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable forearm and stock


  • Tactical stock feels flimsier than it is
  • A bit front-end heavy
  • Instructions a little unclear, but can be put together easily

Thank you for checking out our Centerpoint Sniper 370 Compound Crossbow Review. The Centerpoint Sniper is probably our favorite on the low end of the budget spectrum. It’s smoking fast, lightweight for easy maneuverability, as well as affordable. It comes fully adjustable, with both forearm and stock adjusting for personal preference. This crossbow has amazing speed and combined with its heavy power, there’s nothing you can’t take down. Well-designed, big game performance in a versatile package is what you get with the Sniper Crossbow and with a price that is very affordable, it just can’t be beat.

The Centerpoint Sniper 370 is made by Crosman and they’ve done a great job of crossing over from BB guns to crossbows. The Sniper is lightning fast and powerful enough for anything from small game hunting to deer, moose, elk, and even bear, and is equally capable at target shooting. This lightweight crossbow is a great bargain.


The Centerpoint Sniper 370 Compound Crossbow has a blistering velocity at 370 FPS. Since it has a 185-lb draw weight, its a good thing a rope cock is included to make it easier to cock. At 7.9 lbs, its not too heavy for either carrying around to find a spot or getting to your hunting blind.

The Sniper has a 13.5” power stroke which interprets to 110 foot pounds of energy. That’s way more kinetic energy than is recommended for taking down a grizzly bear.

Comes with a fully adjustable tactical stock and pass-through foregrip; overall length is 36.5”. Width when uncocked is 21.5” and 18” cocked.

Power Stroke 13.5″
Draw Weight
Velocity 370FPS
Weight 7.9lbs
Length 36.5″


The Sniper has quad limbs matched with precision CNC Machined Cam System for a smooth, even draw. Composite stock may seem flimsy, but is actually better than it feels. Crossbow boasts a lightweight and durable CNC Machined aluminum rail with shoot through riser and fiberglass limbs.

Integrated string suppressors offer you a quiet and vibration-free shot. Illuminated scope has five brightness levels, making sighting easy. Anti-dry firing mechanism keeps you from breaking the limbs.

Picatinny rail allows adjustment on foreman and room for additions, such as a flashlight, laser sighting, or pistol grip. This bow allows for plenty of adjustments for personal choice and style, but it’s a tad heavier in the front end.

Shoulder sling included for easier carrying when hunting on foot. Rope cock included for easy cocking.


This Centerpoint Sniper crossbow has a higher than average velocity at 370 FPS. Packing a punch with its kinetic energy, this bow is a lean, mean, game-killing machine. With the string suppressors, it’s nice and quiet, too.

Comes with multi-reticle scope with yardage lines for accurate shots; illuminated for easy sighting.

Anti-dry fire and auto-safety mechanisms prevent accidents and ill-aimed shots.

This well-designed crossbow is lightweight and durable and can accommodate any shooting style.


The Sniper 370 Crossbow is definitely versatile with its multi-reticle sight, blistering speed, power, and quietness you can target shoot, hunt small game, or focus on large game; it’s hunter’s choice.

It’s fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for the aggressive hunter who likes to take his hunt outside the blind.

Easily modified with both an adjustable tactical stock and forearm. In addition, Picatinny rail allows a variety of add-ons.


This is a great bow for an excellent price. If you are looking for a powerful, fast bow within your budget, this is it. It’s really affordably priced for its package.

The Crosspoint Sniper 370 has everything you need to hunt from dawn to dusk, in a blind or walking, and is an excellent choice for both the avid and casual hunters.

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There’s still plenty of room for upgrades, too; this is the perfect crossbow to set up exactly how you want it. Well-designed and quiet, it will absolutely surprise you with its speed. Great bow, better price!

What do we like

What we love about this crossbow is its ferociousness; it’s above average velocity, kinetic energy, and stopping power is enough to take down big game, but it’s still lightweight and versatile enough to use for target shooting.

The Sniper is fully adjustable, making it great for any size hunter and its ambidextrous stock assures any hunter can use it. We like the anti-dry fire and auto-safety cocking mechanisms which prevents misfires that could break the limbs.

The rope cock is included for easier cocking and the shoulder sling makes it a lot easier to carry. We even like the scope enough not to change it.

What don’t we like?

There’s really not much about this crossbow to not like. The tactical stock feels a bit flimsy, but its sturdier than it feels.

It’s a little heavier in the front, which can make it hard to maintain sight, but it’s no heavier than average crossbows and actually lighter than some.

Bottom line?

The bottom line on this Crosspoint Sniper 370 Compound Crossbow is that it’s a steal for the price. It’s an all-around good deal, coming with fully adjustable and able to accept add-ons as well. Making it your own is simple.

It an amazing value; its specs are what you’d expect to see on a much higher priced crossbow and it even comes with everything you need to get started.

It’s lightweight, durable, and very maneuverable, and with the shoulder sling, carrying around while you look for game won’t be hard. If you opt for hunting outside the blind, it won’t be a problem.

With its above average velocity and stopping power, big game is no problem.

The Crosspoint Sniper 370 is a great bow at an even better price.

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