Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT Crossbow Package Review


Design & Construction






Value for Money


User Satisfaction



  • Lightweight, powerful, and accurate
  • FAST!
  • Moderately priced
  • Anti-dry fire/auto-safety


  • Scope not good for beyond 40 yards
  • Scope mount can be iffy

Thanks for joining us for our Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT Crossbow Package review. The Barnett Ghost 360 is well-designed and fast. Game won’t stand a chance against this bow’s accuracy and power. Barnett is a leading manufacturer of quality crossbows and the Ghost 360 wears the name proudly. Whether you’re into big game hunting or target shooting, the perfect balance and lightweight build helps to ensure accuracy. In addition, this quality-made compound crossbow is moderately priced to be affordable for even the casual shooter. You can be ready for hunting season this year and years to come with this powerful and efficient bow.

Barnett is a name you can trust for quality crossbows and the Ghost 360 is no different. It’s fast and powerful while maintaining perfect balance and accuracy. It’s everything you could want in a crossbow whether you want to blast targets, hunt small or large game, and from most any distance. It packs a punch while still be lightweight and easy to carry.


The Barnett Ghost 360 CRT shoots with a firing velocity of 360 FPS, which is well above the industry average arrow speed. With a power stroke of 14”, this compound crossbow gives you plenty of punch which translates to 155 foot pounds of kinetic energy. This speed and power is essential for long-distant, accurate shots.

When you’re walking to your hunting spot, you’ll be glad this crossbow only weighs a little over 7 lbs. With a draw weight of 165 lbs, you’ll also be glad it comes with a rope cock to make it easier to cock.

The overall length of the Ghost is 36” and the width from axle to axle, cocked, is 20” and 22” uncocked. It’s lightweight and fairly compact, making it easy to carry and ensuring maneuverability.

Power Stroke 14″
Draw Weight
Velocity 360FPS
Weight 7lbs
Length 36″


This crossbow utilizes Barnett’s Patented CarbonLite riser which shifts the balance point toward the shooter’s shoulder for better control as you squeeze off the perfect shot. The stock is made of aluminum. CNC Machined aluminum riser makes for a smooth and fast flight path. The Ghost also has a CNC Machined 7/8” Picatinny rail for scope mounting.

Custom composite laminated limbs are durable and strong. This crossbow is equipped with Crosswire string and cable system. Finger reminders and pass-through foregrip keeps shooters hand below the path of the arrow and keeping fingers from getting pinched.

Rope cocking device is included; this crossbow also allows the integration of a crank cocking device. Although some may think the 165 lb pull can easily be done by hand, this can lead to an unevenly and inconsistently cocked bow that will most definitely affect the arrow’s flight path. Using the rope or crank cock ensures even, consistent cocking every time. TIP: If you do want to cock it by hand, make small marks on the string for centering so you know it’s cocked evenly.

Metal injected mold trigger allows for the tightest quality tolerances available. The Barnett Ghost, as all of their bows do, utilizes both Anti-Dry Fire and auto-safety, ensuring the bow won’t be shot until you’re ready.

High definition camo finish for blending into your environment and increased stealth.


With an arrow speed of 360 FPS, the Ghost provides all of the power you will ever need in a bow that is lightweight, very easy to maneuver, and shoot. With 115 foot pound of energy, this crossbow is packing some power, enough to take down whatever you’re hunting or for shredding targets.

Sighting in may prove to be a bit tricky due to the Pic rail scope mount being a bit picky. Just make sure to check that everything is set up right before trying to sight it in.

This crossbow comes with Barnett’s Premium Illuminated Scope. The illuminated scope can switch between red or green dot and has five different levels of illumination to choose from. The main gripe about this scope is that it doesn’t have reticles for shooting beyond 40 yards, so if you’re going to be shooting from further yardage, you’ll want to get another scope that allows it.


The Barnett Ghost 360 CRT crossbow is versatile enough for small game, big game, target shooting, and all of the above. No matter what you want to use this bow for, it’s ready for action. If you’re into hunting game, this is one deadly crossbow and it won’t take long for it to tear up targets, either.

Although it comes with a rope cocking device, the Ghost is also ready to allow the addition of a crank cocking mechanism. Which ever one you’re more comfortable using is the one you should pick; using either will ensure even, consistent draw every time.

While this crossbow’s weight is just a bit over seven pounds, you can take it inside the hunting blind or carry it outside the blind, both with ease.

In addition, with it being lightweight and having a rope cock, this bow could be used by just about anyone.


This crossbow is a great value, packed with great features, and moderately priced. For anyone looking for a great deal on a well-made bow, this is definitely one that you need to check out.

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Whether you’re looking for a good deal on a crossbow to take on your next hunting trip or simply looking for an accurate bow for target shooting, the Ghost 360 delivers.

With this Barnett crossbow package, you get everything you need to get started right out of the box. It comes with a 3x illuminated scope, 3-arrow quiver, 3 20” Headhunter arrows, and rope cocking device.

Having such a moderate price point, this bow has the quality and build of much higher priced bows.

What do we like?

We like that this Barnett Ghost 360 CRT crossbow has a blistering firing velocity of 360 FPS; this means it has great stopping power even at a distance and ensures better long-distance accuracy as well.

The bow is so lightweight and easy to maneuver; you can take it up in the tree stand or shoot from a blind with ease, as well as carrying when hunting down your prey.

The Carbon Riser Technology not only helps to lower the overall weight, but also takes away from the front end weight and augments its perfect balance.

The overall design is great for hunting, but can be used for target shooting as well; it’s all up to the individual.

As usual, we love the Anti-Dry Fire and auto-safety features and if you’ve even accidentally dry-fired a bow and broke a limb, (or both like I did) you’d love these features as much as we do. They prevent these types of accidents from happening.

What don’t we like?

Barnett makes quality bows and the Ghost is no exception. It’s hard to find something we don’t like, but here goes.

We don’t like the finicky scope mount, but once you do get your scope mounted, it’s easy to sight in and accurate.

Also, we’re not a big fan of the red dot scope, but they work accurately once sighted in correctly.

We also don’t like that the scope doesn’t accommodate shots over 40 yards; with 360 FPS, longer shots aren’t a problem and we want to take those shots!

Bottom line?

The bottom line is that the Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT Crossbow Package is a great buy. If you are looking for the ultimate balance of speed and maneuverability with an affordable price point, look no further than the Ghost 360 from Barnett.

The Ghost is well-made, lightweight, easy to maneuver and shoot while providing all the power you need for taking down whatever game you hunt or for destroying targets. This bow packs a punch with it’s 360 FPS and 115 FPKE.

With the Anti-Dry Fire and auto-safety mechanisms, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally cracking or breaking a limb by dry firing.

The Carbon Riser Technology not only aids in bringing down the overall weight, but also helps maintain its perfect balance.

If you’re looking for a well-built, quality bow by a top crossbow manufacturer like Barnett at a moderate price point that’s definitely affordable for both the avid and casual shooter, this is the one for you.

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