Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review


Design & Construction






Value for Money


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  • Low price for great quality
  • Made for range of skills
  • Durable build with military-style stock
  • Auto-safety cocking mechanism


  • No rope cocking device included
  • Noisy when shooting

We are happy to welcome you to our Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review. This is a phenomenal bow for either a rank beginner or seasoned hunter looking for an affordable bow that still delivers the same results as higher priced bows. The Jackal will increase either’s hunting ability with devastating accuracy, power, and enough kinetic energy to bring down big game. With its divided fore-grip, it’s easy to handle comfortably and with it being lightweight, it’s up to the hunter whether he wants to hunt from within a blind or find game by walking around. The unique and innovative stock design has a sleek military style feel and look. This crossbow is well-built, durable, and priced to be cost-efficient. Complete crossbow package includes quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight.


The Barnett Jackal has arrow speeds of up to 315 FPS. With its 12” power stroke, the kinetic energy is enough to take down big game all across the States at 95 foot pounds of energy. With a 3.5 lb trigger pull, it’s easily acquired with a smooth shot as well.

Lightweight at 7.5 lbs, it’s compact and easy to carry. This crossbow has a draw weight of 150 lbs, but still fires with enough power behind it to penetrate the toughest hides and can tear apart targets.

As with all Barnett crossbows, it comes with an anti-dry firing mechanism, keeping you from accidentally firing and causing damage. Cocking the Jackal automatically places it in safety-lock position, ensuring even further safety.

The overall length is 32.5” and the width is 26.5”, making it almost as wide as it is long.

Power Stroke 12″
Draw Weight
Velocity 315FPS
Weight 7.5lbs
Length 32.5″


The Jackal has a military-style stock that holds exactly like a military rifle, with the grooves in the grip making it exceptionally comfortable to hold.

Compact Quad Limb High energy wheels with synthetic string and cable assembly produce fast arrow speeds just below the crossbow average.

New ADF MIM trigger provides smooth 3.5 lb trigger pull. Crossbow has Picatinny/Weaver rail that provides a mounting platform for adding extras and divided fore-grip which aids in comfortable hand placement.


The performance of the Jackal is amazing for its price; it has plenty of take-down power needed for larger game. Unfortunately, it’s a bit loud to shoot, so make sure your aim is accurate before pulling the trigger.

This bow allows up to 315 FPS, combined with 95 foot pounds of energy, it gives the hunter more than enough power to hunt whatever game he chooses.

Crossbow package comes complete with red dot sight, which you can actually select red or green dot, as well as pick from among five brightness settings for hunter’s preference.


The Barnett Jackal is versatile enough to be used by an amateur shooter or an avid hunter, whether target shooter, small or large game hunting, this bow has what it takes.

The combination of the lightweight, easy to hold stock and power make this bow a devastating weapon for any hunter. With the 3.5 lb making it even easier for smooth shooting.

Sturdy foot stirrup makes it easier to cock, but this Barnett doesn’t include a rope cocking mechanism, so if you want to use one, you’ll have to buy it extra.


Barnett crossbows are made for hunters by hunters and the Jackal is no different. It’s lightweight and powerful for a very affordable price.

Crossbow package comes with everything you need to get started. With quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight, it’s ready to shoot right out of the box.

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Whether you’re new to the crossbow game or have been using them for years, the Jackal has a name brand you can trust at a price you can afford.

This bow doesn’t come with a rope cocking device; that would cost extra.

What do we like?

We really like the military-style stock with divided fore-grip; it makes for comfortable handling. It feels just like a military style rifle stock.

In addition, we also like the ADF MIM trigger new to Barnett on this model for a smooth 3.5 lb pull. This allows easy shooting without it being easy enough to pull by accident.

The anti-dry fire and auto-safety mechanisms are a huge plus, both helping to prevent firing by accident which can lead to cracked or broken limbs.

Also, it’s very affordable for such a powerful compound bow with popular brand name.

What don’t we like?

There’s not much you can find to fuss about with this crossbow. It doesn’t come with a rope cocking mechanism, which can definitely make a difference if you’re going to be target shooting.

The Jackal is a bit slower than the industry average, but it still packs a punch.

Crossbow isn’t adjustable, but it’s a nice size already.

Bottom line?

The bottom line is the Barnett Jackal Compound Crossbow is an affordable bow that still has enough kinetic energy for big game hunting. It’s versatile enough to use for target shooting as well.

It’s a great bow for both the rank beginning as well as the seasoned veteran and is affordable enough for either if on a budget.

It’s sturdy and durable, compact and lightweight, with easy trigger action for smooth shooting.

The Jackal is an all-around good crossbow and is a great value at a great price.

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