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SAS has put out a lot of good bows over the years and the Rage is no exception. The SAS Rage is a great compound bow for the intermediate archer. It’s a bit tougher than a bow meant for a beginner but it is one of the best compound bows of its level for the money.

Enjoy our full review of the SAS Rage.


The SAS Rage measures at 35 inches axle to axle. It will adjust from 26 to 30 inches for draw length and has an adjustable draw weight range between 55 and 70 lbs. It’s a little bit on the heavier side at 4.4 lbs in mass weight.

It is built with split limbs and has a single cam system made out of aluminum. Overall, it’s a solidly built bow.

A note to make is that the 51” string does not come waxed, so you should make a point to wax it before shooting.

Draw Length 26″-30″
Draw Weight
Brace Height 7″
Let Off 70%
Speed 270 FPS
Weight 4.4 lbs
Axle Length 35″


The split limbs of the SAS Rage are made of sturdy aluminum. While it’s a great rough and tumble kind of bow, the trade-off is that it does fall on the heavy side of similar compound bows.

The split parallel limbs are lovely and made of fiberglass. A nice feature of the SAS Rage is that there are many mounting holes for accessories and they are all well threaded.

While this isn’t the most advanced bow on the market, it is certainly not a compound bow made for a complete newbie. This will require work to set up. An intermediate archer would be able to do it, or there’s the option of taking it to your local archery shop.


This is a bow made for hunting. It’s got a 70% let off and is a bit on the loud side. However, the noise and vibration can get fixed with a good string suppressor accessory. It is powerful enough to take down small and medium sized game, but not the best bet for taking down a grizzly bear.

At 270 FPS, the SAS Rage is considered a fast compound bow, especially for its price. It’s got a solid speed for hunting without sacrificing kinetic energy for a humane kill for smaller game.


The SAS Rage was made to be modified. It’s got plenty of mounting holes to get just the right fit for your sights and other accessories.

The biggest downside is that this bow only comes in right-handed versions. Most people are right eye dominant anyways, but it is unfortunate for the lefties out there.


Think of the SAS Rage as a solid foundation for your dream bow. It comes at an incredible price for the power that it carries.

For hunting, you’ve got a great bow out of the box if you know how to set it up. Target shooting will require a few more adjustments and accessories, but there are a million ways to upgrade.

The SAS Rage is a compound bow that is built to last a lifetime and grow with you as an archer.

What do we like?

This bow is absolutely great for the value. You’ll get a bow that you can grow into, of course, if you don’t already like it as it is.

There are great parts, but as stated earlier, it’s a solid foundation and not always the final destination.

The compressed ABS fiberglass limbs and aluminum cam system are built to last a lifetime so you can continue upgrading as new archery technology comes out.

What don’t we like?

The SAS Rage is cool, but it’s a bit on the heavy side at 4.4 lbs. It’s not a huge deal, but if you’re trekking a long distance to your shoot location it might become an annoyance.

It’s also a pretty loud bow, which in some parts might be too loud for hunting. This can be fixed with appropriate string suppressors.

The other note is that it only comes as a right handed bow.

Bottom line?

This is a great value bow. Not the greatest of the great when it comes to bows, but for its price, this is top notch.

If you like the latest, greatest accessories, you’ve got a great bow. Think of the SAS Rage as an investment. You’ve got the best base you can get for the money, and now you can build upon it with whatever combination of accessories that you like.

You’ve got speed, power, and accuracy, but with the trade-off of a lot of noise. Accessories will fix the noise grievance, but you’ll still be able to hunt a lot of small to mid-sized game. Small to mid-size game includes birds, deer, and antelope.

A big note is that the string that it comes with does need to be waxed before shooting or you’ll snap it very quickly.

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