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  • Good value for money
  • Adjustable and powerful
  • Quiet & low vibration
  • Ready to shoot
  • Great for hunting


  • Not so light

PSE puts out new bows all the time, and the PSE Surge is one of the best to come throughout the years. The PSE Surge was built to replace PSE’s Brute in a more lightweight and speedy compound bow. This is a timeless, go to compound bow that is sure to please many archers.

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The PSE Surge is 32.5 inches axle to axle. It weighs 4.3 lbs, but it’s a big bow giving it’s axle to axle. Even so, it is lighter than it’s PSE Brute predecessor.

The draw length options range from 19.5 inches to 30 inches, so there’s a lot of room for adjustment there. Draw weights for the PSE Surge come in 50, 60, or 70 lbs for max draw weight. They can be adjusted down from the max.

Draw Length 19.5-30″
Draw Weight 50-60-70lbs
Brace Height 7-1/4″
Let Off 75%
Speed 320FPS
Weight 4.3lbs
Axle Length 32.5″


PSE calls the cams on the Surge their “eccentric” system, which is a medium size single cam system. It’s an upgrade from the Brute’s popular EZ cam system. The benefit of the new system is more adjustability and comparable, if not smoother, on the smoothness factor of the draw cycle.

The coolest part about the new system is that there are 12 limb bolt turns. That means the PSE Surge will adjust to 30 lbs lower than it’s peak draw weight.

The split limbs are aluminum and are gorgeous. The PSE Surge comes with the classic PSE Raptor grip, a slim and easy to hold part that leads to nice stability.


The PSE Surge catches speeds up to 320 FPS, which is pretty solid for a single cam.

The PSE Surge is a powerful enough bow to hunt with. On higher poundage on your draw weight, you should be able to take down solid sized game. To keep a kill humane, it is highly recommended you shoot towards the top of your peak draw weight. Of course, the exact weight for a kill also depends on many things such as arrows and the weather.

PSE boasts about how the Surge is as smooth as silk, which was a focus in the upgrade from the Brute.


First, the main drawback is that you do have to pick your peak draw weight at the beginning. A 30 lb draw weight range for a bow of this size is hard to find, but you do have to choose where that 30 lb range is.

Keep in mind that your compound bow will adjust to 30 lbs below the peak when you determine the range that you want. The 12 turn adjustments are awesome and make this one of the most versatile bows for a solid hunting compound bow.

While the PSE Surge comes fully loaded and ready to shoot as is, there are also enough mounting holes for most universally fitting upgrades.

The PSE Surge comes in both left and right-handed varieties, as well as three color options which are black, skullworks and mossy oak. All look super sleek on the split limbs.


At a mid-range price, the PSE Surge is a great deal! The package comes fully loaded and ready to shoot. Of course, like any bow, there will eventually be upgrades, but it will be a while with the Surge.

Right out of the box, the Surge is already set up, saving you the time and money of having to take it to an archery shop. You have everything you need, nock loop, 3 pin sight, whisker biscuit, and even a quiver to name a few!

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What do we like?

Usually, by the time we hit a combination of power and speed like the PSE Surge, the draw weights are crazy high. If you are transitioning from those 15-30 lb compound bows but aren’t quite ready for a full on 70 lbs, this is the perfect bow for you.

PSE itself is a well loved and extremely popular brand. We were super excited to see that they had upgraded one of their best sellers into something even more beautiful. PSE’s mounting systems and their Raptor grip are to die for and the Surge has both!

The fact that the Surge comes fully loaded is really awesome. Most bows in this price range come a little more bare because archers often already have their favorite accessories. PSE has paired together a great set which is perfectly curated to the Surge compound bow.

What don’t we like?

If you are on the new side to the sport and don’t know your weights, you do need to be careful to get the right one. It’s great that there are three options for the peak draw weight, but once you choose there’s no going back without completely buying a new bow. Still, a 30 lb range is very flexible.

On the same note, if you already have your favorite set of accessories, then it wouldn’t be as helpful to get a fully loaded bow. Maybe you’ll like the new stuff, maybe you’ll miss what you know. It’s worth giving it a shot.

Bottom line?

PSE has outdone themselves with a great bow using their best parts. The highlight of this bow is the adjustability, once you select the peak draw weight.

With those 12 limb bolts, you can totally have a 20-50 lb draw to a 40-70 draw. The 20-50 range is a pleasant draw weight for a smaller person or a woman and is a range that is harder to find for full sized bows. Many competitors in that draw range are specifically youth bows, but the Surge is a full sized adult bow.

It’s overall a great bang for the buck with a fully loaded compound bow package that can be upgraded as needed.

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