PSE Prophecy 70-Pound Bow Review


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PSE told us of the coming of one of the fastest single cam bows on the market, and they brought it to us in the form of the PSE Prophecy. This compound bow brings value, speed, and power, rolled into one spectacular piece of equipment.

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Aircraft-grade aluminum leaves the PSE Prophecy weighing only 4.1 lbs even at 32” axle to axle. The draw length is recommended at 30” but can be reduced down to 25” for smaller archers.

The draw weight of the PSE Prophecy is 60-70lbs, with adjustment increments being 2 lbs each. This weight is rarely a suitable bow for someone just starting out but is a great “best of both worlds” bow for an experienced or intermediate shooter, that wants to spend time both on the range and out hunting.

The PSE Prophecy is USA made.

Draw Length 25″-30″
Draw Weight
Brace Height 6″
Let Off 75%
Speed 340 FPS
Weight 4.1 lbs
Axle Length 32″


The PSE Prophecy has a beautiful, simple design, everything from the limbs to the grip. PSE loves their very ridged and structured looks on their bows and it shows well on the Prophecy.

One of the top bragging points for the PSE Prophecy is that it has the speed of a double cam bow while keeping the adjustability and simplicity of a single cam bow.

The past parallel limbs are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, super sturdy and can survive a beating.

The material of this compound bow keeps it extremely lightweight while packing in the power. The lightness of the bow is a huge deal for longer shooting trips and will be better for your wrist.

Also, the PSE Prophecy uses PSE’s Raptor grip which they call “ultra-slim” and is a very sturdy fit for hands of any size.


The PSE Prophecy clocks in at 340 FPS, making it impressively fast for a single cam compound bow.

We mentioned the past-parallel limbs earlier and now here are the true benefits of it. The technology that PSE has found behind the past-parallel limb design is the reduction of noise and vibration.

Combined with the Planer Flex riser and the Backstop 2 string suppressor you’ve got the perfect package of power and speed. Due to the single cam system, the PSE Prophecy has a very smooth draw cycle overall.


Three cheers for single cams! As most single cams, the adjustments don’t require a bow press, so it’s not too bad. However, there isn’t that much to adjust in terms of draw weight. You can go from 60 lbs to 70 lbs and the draw length difference will be only 25″ to 30″. If you already know the draw weight range you shoot at, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Left dominant people rejoice, this bow comes left-handed as well!


With the mid-range price point of the PSE Prophecy, you’ve got a solid bow that is a great choice for both the range and hunting. It’s the middle ground for someone who’s either moving from one to the other or enjoys both sides of the sport.

From the specs alone, the general consensus is, that this is not a beginner bow. This would classify as both an intermediate and expert bow. The draw weight is average and the speed is faster than that of most beginner bows.

This is a great bow for someone looking for an upgrade from their first bow but doesn’t want to deal with the maintenance of a double cam bow.

What do we like?

It’s the bow for someone who’s already an archer but likes minimalism. The package is pretty solid, but at this level of archery, you might be ready to upgrade on accessories in the future.

It’s the everyday, take it anywhere type of bow. For someone that hasn’t fallen into a niche of archery yet, this is a great bow to try everything with.

What don’t we like?

While this bow takes the best of both worlds, the other side of that coin is that it’s a jack of all trades and master of none. It’s not the strongest, or the fastest, or the smoothest. It does very well in each department, but isn’t top of the list in any of them.

However, the Prophecy easily tops out all other single cam bows on the market in speed, and is featured as the fastest of our single cam recommendations.

The draw cycle does have a little bit of a kick to it, but since it’s a single cam, it’s not too bad and can be fixed with a good string suppressor.

Bottom line?

The PSE Prophecy is the dream bow for a hobbyist and intermediate. If your style is to keep it simple and shoot for fun, this is the bow for you. Take it anywhere and enjoy a bow that is lightweight and a solid pick for any activity.

PSE has some great technology that they’ve implemented with this compound bow, but the real skill was in matching them up, and they sure did a great job.

In one phrase, “Keep it simple and shoot on!”