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Martin Archery truly brought us a masterpiece with the Lithium model compound bow. This stunner was made to impress, and it has surely caught our eye.

Check out this brilliant compound bow in our full review of the Martin Archery Lithium.


Standing at a very precise 33.25 axle to axle with a 31” to 38” inch variation of draw length. It’s a pretty solid size for a very solid bow with a 7-inch brace height.

The featured aspects are Martin’s proprietary bridge riser and the Nitro 3 single cam. The combination of both is the reason why this bow has one of the smoothest draw cycles on the market.

It’s relatively lightweight at 3.9 lbs, before accessories.

Draw Length 31-38″
Draw Weight
Brace Height 7″
Let Off 80%
Speed 335FPS
Weight 3.9lbs
Axle Length 33.25″


Martin Archery went straight to the heart of an experienced archer with the design of the Lithium. The latest in archery technology is the single piece bridge riser which holds the X4 twin limbs. For added silence, the package also includes the Martin STS Terminator Suppressor.

The look we end up with is as sleek as a gazelle and as powerful as a tiger. With an 80% let-off, this is one of the smoothest draws you’ll make. The bridge riser’s design focuses on extreme accuracy but with zero vibration or hand shock.

Also, the bow comes in four colors: camo, black, white, and a very flashy red.


Martin Archery’s greatest pride in the Lithium compound bow is it’s silence and stillness after a shot. There’s zero kickback even when it reaches speeds of 335 FPS. This bow is almost one of the fastest single cam bows and easily one of the most accurate.

The Martin Lithium is an incredible bow in the woods and has plenty of power to take down both large and smaller game.

The lack of hand kick and vibration makes this one of the most accurate bows on the market. This is a bow that is high powered and shoots like a dream.


There are many decisions to make with the Martin Lithium.

There’s a choice of four colors, but the most important decision is the three versions of peak draw weights. An archer can choose between 50, 60, and 70 lb peak draw weights.

Essentially all of the choices of draw weights shoot the same with the beautiful features this bow has, but it comes down to personal strength and personal preference. The Lithium is built to stay close to its home draw weight.


This bow does cost a pretty penny, but it has a huge bang for its buck. As previously mentioned, as a single cam bow, this is one of the most precise and silent bows that you can buy.

Martin made it clear from the start that this is the best compound bow for experienced archers ready to invest in a solid hunting bow. Starting in the mid to upper hundreds range, this bow is still a steal for the game it can take down. Comparable bows are much higher priced.

What do we like?

The Martin Lithium is a work of art, and we have become instant fans. It has high power and extremely low noise. It harmonizes the need for speed, power, and silence with premium Martin technology.

The part we can’t get over is how smooth and quiet this bow is. There is no vibration, which means that a last nanosecond hand movement can’t throw off the accuracy of the arrows.

This is the ultimate hunting machine or 3D target bow.

What don’t we like?

This bow is definitely not for a beginner. It’s built for experienced archers and does require a good bit of tuning out of the box. Getting a compound bow fit to just the right specifics for the individual is crucial.

For an intermediate archer looking for something to grow into, this is a bow that can become great. You’ll need some help setting it up, though.

Bottom line?

This compound bow is something out of a dream. It’s amazing for hunting and 3D target practice with the perfect pairings of proprietary technology from Martin. From the Nitro 3 cam to the bridged riser, this bow is full of amazing parts.

For speed, it doesn’t fall far behind some of the fastest single cam bows on the market and is considered a very fast bow. The Lithium will treat you as well as you treat it, so make sure to get it tuned to your preferences as soon as you get it.

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