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Genesis means beginning, origin, and Genesis bows are the ideal beginner bows. No matter the size of the archer, this bow holds the promise of a light draw, as one perfects form and style.

This is the original style designed to be a youth bow that someone can grow into. Genesis calls their flagship bow a “universal” draw length and due to it’s single cam, it’s an extremely easy to adjust bow.

The Genesis Original takes pride in being the official compound bow of the NASP (The National Archery in Schools Program) because it is one of the top educational bows on the market.

From the experts here at Archery-Den, here is our in-depth review of the Genesis Original Kit.


The Genesis Original is made from sturdy aluminum parts such as the riser, cam, and idler wheel. This makes it hardy against young hands dropping it and the every day wear and tear of practice.

The cool thing about the single cam system of the Genesis Original is that there is no specific draw length requirement. The draw weight can easily be adjusted from 5lbs up to 20lbs.

Draw Length 15-30″
Draw Weight
Brace Height 7-5/8″
Let Off 0%
Speed 170FPS
Weight 2.9lbs
Axle Length 35-1/2″


Genesis prides themselves in having developed a zero let off bow. This is for young and small hands learning to grow into a bow that they’ll love for years. With a single cam, they have eliminated many difficulties with tuning and adjustments.

The other fun part is that the Genesis Original comes with more color options than any other bow available bow!

A great thing to note about the Genesis Original is that it comes in both left and right handed figurations. If you don’t know if you are left or right eye dominant, you can read our quick guide to find out here.


While the draw starts at 5 lbs, it has comparable power to much stronger bows. A Genesis Original set at 20 lbs will have the punch of a 35 lb bow. With zero let off, the Genesis original is a very quiet bow.

With zero tuning necessary, you can be sure that the accuracy of the bow will be extremely consistent as long as you didn’t purposely adjust it.

Again, from the specially developed single cam, the Genesis Original is extremely accurate, making it a prime bow for target shooting.


The Genesis Original is extremely easy to adjust with it’s single cams, that makes it a breeze for sharing or finding the happy place for your practice. With a draw length of 15-30 inches, this bow is easily sized for a huge variety of people.

With it’s simple design, there isn’t much need to upgrade parts of this bow. The best features are at their best. You will have no need for a stronger bow until you are ready for a full upgrade.


Even though prices tend to fluctuate through the seasons, the Genesis Original is very consistently one of the most affordable bows on the market. It easily tops the charts as one of the best beginner bows.

Reviews on Amazon show a huge variety of people describing themselves and their experiences, proving that universal sizing is actually possible in the archery world.

A great benefit is that the Genesis Original Kit is a package that is ready to shoot. It includes five arrows, which are all aluminium. Also, included is a quiver for making it easy to carry arrows, as well as an adjustable wrist guard.

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What Do We Like?

It’s quiet, smooth, and with zero let-off. If you’re just starting out or you’re simply a smaller person, this is a bow that will fit.

Both our Genesis Original Review and customer reviews on Amazon have high praise for this bow, being a great low cost option for the entire family. It’s a compound bow worth sharing while you figure out if this is a hobby the whole family falls in love with.

The kit comes with some great accessories to make this bow ready to shoot right out of the box. Once you order this bow, you won’t have to take it to a shop to adjust or build before shooting. Due to the lower impact power of this bow, this is definitely more of a practice bow than a hunting bow. There will not be enough impact power for humane hunting.

Also for the larger people with longer arms, you will likely grow out of this bow faster than a smaller person.

While very accurate, this is also not a great distance bow. This goes back to being a lower powered bow. Stick to the accuracy and technique training and develop good habits before upgrading.

Bottom line?”

True to their name, Genesis is “The beginning” when it comes to a first bow. With accolades from the NASP and million dollar reviews, this is the ultimate in a starter bow.

Start in the backyard with a near target of about 20 ft. Use this bow to improve your stance and learn accuracy.

The Genesis Original Kit comes ready to shoot, arrows and all. There won’t be any need to take this bow straight to a shop for adjustments, as the string will already be in place. Simply select your draw weight and head outside to a safe place to shoot!

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The Official Genesis Original Compound Bow video:

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