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To infinity and beyond is where Diamond Archery takes us with the Infinite Edge Pro. Starter friendly, this compound bow stays true to it’s name with it’s infinite possibilities.

Go to infinity and beyond in our in-depth review of the Diamond Infinite Edge.


Light as a feather, the Diamond Infinite Edge weighs only 3.1 lbs. That’s great for a trek through the woods to your favorite spot to shoot, especially if you’re going uphill.

To keep the load light, the package includes an Octane Deadlock Lite quiver to carry your arrows in.

The range of this bow is huge. First it comes in both right and left handed models. The draw length runs from 13-30” which is perfect for any size and it’s draw weight ranges from 5-70 lbs, peaking at a 75% letoff. The Infinite Edge is 31” axle to axle in length.

The package features some great accessories such as an Apex 3-pin sight, tube peep sight, Octane Hostage XL arrow rest, and BYC string loop. Octane’s Hostage arrow rest absolutely rocks a perfect fit with this bow.

Draw Length 13-30″
Draw Weight
Brace Height 7″
Let Off 75%
Speed 310FPS
Weight 3.1lbs
Axle Length 31″


Diamond’s bows run on a rotating module cam which means they never have to come off! Featuring Diamond’s EZ Adjust Pocket, quick adjustments are incredibly easy. No fancy tools, just one allen wrench.

The draw length is 13″ to 30″. The let off is 75% and the speed is 310 feet per second. The axle to axle measurement is 31″. The draw weight is 5 to 70Ibs divided in 3 setting ranger. Range A goes from 5-30lbs, Range B is 31-50lbs. Range C is for over 50lbs.

A cool little feature about the Diamond Infinite Edge is that there is a built in stabilizer. No worries about upgrading or looking for one to fit with your bow.


Reaching speeds of 310 FPS, the Diamond Infinite Edge is considered a very fast bow. This bow is super smooth despite it’s speed with a 75% let off. Dividing the draw ranges keep this bow nice and smooth, as well as quiet. Since there is such a great range on a powerful bow, it’s nice for adjusting to higher draw weights without taking a toll on the shoulders.

This is a great bow for hunting. It’s got enough kinetic energy to take down a buck or turkey as well as the speed to catch it.


“Adjust to infinity” should be the slogan for this bow, but it’s not. It’s true though! Ranging from 5-70 lbs of draw weight, this bow is the ultimate in versatility.

While the Infinite Edge has a great package of accessories, upgrades are always possible. Again, this bow is infinite, and that includes the amount of accessories it’s compatible with.

Left dominant people adore this bow because it’s one of the most adjustable bows that come left handed. This is a fit that is universal, while still managing to be lightweight.

This versatile bow is a great buy because it has a good variety of features that would only be found on the higher priced variety of compound bows.


If you get the Diamond Infinite Edge, you might never need another bow again. There is no such thing as outgrowing this bow.

This is a piece that you can share with the whole family. With the EZ adjust and a simple allen wrench, you’ll be able to share and show off to your friends. If your buddy wants to give it a shot, just flip a module!

The accessory package is fully loaded and ready to hunt! As soon as the box arrives at your doorstep, all you have to do is pick a draw weight and head out to your target!

It’s a bow that goes up to 70lbs and releases at 310 FPS, most bows that can do that are a lot pricier, making this one of the best value bows for the money.

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What do we like?

You can literally do anything with the Diamond Infinite Edge. Your little sister, your burly Uncle Bob, and your best friend can also do anything with this bow. In the back yard or out on your favorite hunting grounds, this is a bow that anyone can use.

It’s a really great first bow that will last a lifetime. The cams make this bow the ultimate in training one pound at a time in draw weight. Start where you are comfortable, then work your way up until you’re drawing 70lbs like the champion you are.

What don’t we like?

You’ll love this bow so much that you’ll probably start wearing out your arrow rest and stabilizer. That’s ok, those are super easy to replace and is normal wear and tear that you’d get on any bow.

The package is great, but after a long time of using the same bow, everyone craves an upgrade.

While it’s super easy to adjust, it’s not a ready to hunt package for a beginner. A little bit of help could be required to set this compound bow up but once it is, it’s all smooth sailing.

Bottom line?

Diamond Archery has done a really great job at creating a bow that everyone can love. Beginner to pro, this bow is everything on both ends and in between.

It’s comfortable and upgradable. Once you upgrade, it’s a great idea to keep this bow as a spare that you can share.

The best part is the value. This is the bow that you’d upgrade, rather than replace.

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