Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package Review


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Bear Archery’s motto for their Cruzer compound bow is “From child to legend”, and they surely have made a legendary bow. The Bear Cruzer is one of the most adjustable bows on the market featuring top of the line Trophy Ridge accessories and a super smooth pull.

Here is our in-depth review of the Bear Archery Cruzer.


The Bear Cruzer’s greatest feature is it’s proprietary MV cam. The MV cam is a system that boasts an impressive 12”-30” range of draw lengths. That leads to the incredible variety of draw weight which is a 5-70 lb range.

Axle to axle we have 30” and 6.5” brace height.

Draw Length 12-30″
Draw Weight
Brace Height 6.5″
Let Off 70%
Speed 315FPS
Weight 4.6lbs
Axle Length 30″

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The design of the Bear Cruzer compound bow is a quad limb that features an enhanced grip. Bear developed the right grip shape to decrease torque from the hand, which increases accuracy. It’s developed to be comfortable with the highest performance possible in a grip.

It’s powerful aluminium build and features offset string suppressors for higher accuracy.

The aim for this design was to be universal and Bear certainly hit the nail on the head with its adjustability!


This is a bow for new archers that want to have room to grow and there’s plenty of space for improvement with the Bear Cruzer.

Clocking in at 315FPS, this compound bow is incredibly fast. It does sacrifice a little noise with it’s 70% let off, but can be well worth it for people who like speed.

This bow is powerful enough to take down small game with ease. It’s fast, strong, and accurate, making it a great compound bow for the beginner hunter.


The Bear Cruzer has one of the largest ranges of draw weight on the market. A small child can shoot this bow at 5lbs, while an experienced hunter can up the weight to 70lbs to take down a couple turkeys. The MV cam is simple enough to adjust in half inch increments.

The Trophy Ridge set of accessories are easy to add and remove for a customized experience. These pieces are all high quality but if they aren’t a fit for your style, they can be switched out for something else.


There is incredible value in the package that Bear Archery put together for the Cruzer. Buying all the Trophy Ridge accessories in the package, at separate times, is exponentially more expensive than the included set.

Bear brings great value with pairing things that already work beautifully together, to eliminate the trial and error of modifying your compound bow.

With the amazing range that the Cruzer has to offer, you’ll definitely have this bow for a long time. The aluminum build is sturdy to last through the years and the adjustability is great for growing into.

What do we like?

This is a bow that will practically last forever. It’s one of the most universal compound bows on the market. This is a bow built for consistency.

There’s a high speed of 315FPS, which varies depending on the arrow grain, and the stunning design of the exclusive MV cams.

This bow is adjustable for days when you want to practice your technique at a target or when you’re out hunting turkeys for a holiday dinner. On the range or in the woods, this bow fits in everywhere you take it.

What don’t we like?

Speed, accuracy, noise: choose two. It’s loud and clear which two Bear chose when they were designing the Cruzer.

With the 70% let off and recoil, this isn’t going to be the quietest bow on the market. However, with the right string suppressor, the noise level can be reduced.

Bottom line?

Bear brings together great power and incredible value with the package. This set is ready to shoot right from the box so you can immediately head outside to practice. The Trophy Ridge accessories are perfectly matched and at a great price. You even get arrows and a quiver to start with.

This is a bow that will last forever and can be well loved through generations. There’s comfort and speed, as well as the adjustability of the draw weight and length. It’s a bow that’s shareable. When a friend or family member wants to give it a shot, it can easily be adjusted to a shootable weight and then adjusted back.

This is a great bow for a beginner as there is a huge amount of draw weight options. A beginner can start at a 5lb draw and then work his or her way up to 70lbs with ease. The ultra smooth pull makes practice fun and easy.

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