Best Crossbow Bolts for 2020

bolts scaled

Target shooting and game hunting are hobbies not for the faint of heart. Shooters from around the world take great pride over these games, even hanging their “trophies” for everyone to see. Whether you’re just doing target practice, or in for the real kill, having topnotch gear is key to your success. Apart from the …

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Bow Hunting Safety Measures

Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is part of the beautiful art of archery and it should not be used to kill animals. In spite of that, hunting is a pastime for several people. It is difficult to stop those who indulge in hunting animals with bows but they should at least take several precautions and safety measures while …

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Bow String

Bow and Arrow

Second only to the bow in importance is the bow string. The diameter is limited to the width of the arrow nock and a good bow string must maintain a constant length under repeated stress and in changing weather conditions. The string is subjected to unusually hard wear at the arrow nocking point and at …

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Archery Target Shooting Technique

Recurve Bow

A basic rule which the beginner should keep before him at all times, is that archery is not a test of strength, but a game of skill, and to enjoy snooting a bow, skill must be acquired. As with any other sport, good form is gained through practicing the correct procedure at all times. Scores …

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Bow Hunting Prerequisites

bow hunting prerequisites

The sport of bow hunting has gained such momentum in the past few years in the United States that the facilities of the old line archery manufacturers have been strained to the limit to cope with the unprecedented demand for bows and various archery equipment which can be used in the hunting field. New companies …

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Bow Hunting vs Gun Hunting

bow vs gun

Why should a sportsman want to hunt with a bow when a gun offers a much better opportunity to secure game? Granted more game can be taken with a gun. Records com­piled by the State of Michigan show that one in three gun hunters can be expected to bag his deer while only one in …

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